Q: What does that button in the upper left of the main screen do?

A: Pushing that button makes the middle section ('Scans') re-arrangeable.  Push the button again when you are done customizing this section. 

Q: Will there ever be an iPad version of EM Ultrasound?

A:  We can all hope! Ideally I would love to make the app a Universal App so that it would take full advantage of the lager iPad screen.  Whether or not I will ever find the time to make this happen is questionable...

Q: Will there ever be an Android version of EM Ultrasound?

A: This is not currently in the works but, again, I would love to make this happen in the future.

Q: Can I suggest content for future updates?

A: I always love to hear ideas and suggestions for future updates.  In fact, if you have images or video that you would like me to review and possibly add to the App please send me an email!

Q: Does EM Ultrasound require an internet connection?

A: No. The content of the App is contained within the App.  This means it can be used anywhere, any time even without an internet or cellular connection.